Old Man Monkey had a farm... 

The Story of Monkey & Cuz'

Mr. Monkey started out as a joke but quickly grew into a greatly loved family member. One day Vicky said, "I don'™t like monkeys" and so their story begins. Shortly after Valentine'™s Day Kay was at Wal-Mart when she found this adorable monkey. When she first brought him home Vicky pretended she didn't like him. Little by little she grew to love him. As time went by he became part of the family and gained his name, Mr. Monkey. He went everywhere and did everything with us. Eventually Vicky started getting ready for college and this brought up a dilemma. We didn't want Mr. Monkey to leave the farm, but we also didn't want him to miss out on an education. That'™s when we found Cuz'™, a poor little monkey, unwanted and unloved. He had been sent to the Salvation Army to fend for himself. We found him and brought him home where he and Mr. Monkey became best friends. Before Mr. Monkey went to college they did everything together. When it came time for their trip to college Cuz' decided he wasn't ready for higher education, and he just couldn't leave the farm. He wanted to come back home with Mom and have his own adventures. Now they write each other and keep each other updated on all the fun adventures they are having. You too can keep track of them and their adventures. Just visit them on Facebook to look at all their photos and read the captions to see what they have been up to. Be on the look out because you never know when one of them will pop up near you!  

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