Gardening on The Farm

Lavender 101

Lavender, that purple flower with a calming fragrance, but what do you do with it? Come join us on the farm as we teach you how to grow and harvest lavender. You will also learn the many benefits and uses of lavender. From uses for cooking and cleaning to relaxing and enjoying, lavender can be used in so many ways and we can’t wait to show you each one.

Garlic 101
That classic, Italian taste achieved by the fantastic flavor of garlic is so hard to achieve from dry, powdered garlic. Join us on the farm as we show you how to grow and harvest your own garlic. Learn how to cook with fresh garlic and get the most benefit from its delicious flavor.

Fun with Worms
Join us on the farm as we explore the working life of a worm and how they can benefit your garden. We will learn how worms help keep your soil at its best and what you can do to raise your own worms.

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